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Still / Life

      Having artistic aspirations and not being able to draw a straight line may incline the less despairing of us to pick up a camera.  Appropriating the traditional painterly genre of Still Life tenuously provides the sense of creating from nothing, of "making" rather than "taking."  As inspiration for this portfolio, I draw on the 17th century Dutch and Spanish masters of Still Life such as Adriaen Coorte and Juan Sanchez Cotan, whose works often feature simple, everyday and frequently ephemeral objects depicted in austere environments.

     The term Still Life is essentially oxymoronic and in this body of work I look to animate that stillness by removing identifiers of the quotidian nature of the objects.  By careful placement of one type of fruit or vegetable in empty, graphic space, my intent is to add narrative to formal structure.  The photographic still life, in its insistence on the reality of the object, is able to add narrative in a way that a painting cannot.  The title for this body of work, Still / Life, reflects that intent.

Teddy Bear Series


This series explores loss of innocence.  The Teddy Bear is a timeless and powerful expression of childhood and an earlier, simpler time.  It can also stand as a symbol for individual memories of youth or society’s collective memory of the past.  Through the images in this series, I am reflecting on experiences that erode our innocence, whether individually or collectively.  Initial viewings may engender amusement, but I encourage patient contemplation of a more personal emotional meaning.

          The Teddy Bear used in this series belongs to my wife, and to her father and grandfather before her.  It has a long memory.

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